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Feb 28, 2003.

Nevermind the so called major label offers this band continues to scoff at. Nevermind the sexism in the music business that can't handle transgender realities. Nevermind the one sided rip off deals. Nevermind the fame. Nevermind the "we are here to help you" maybe you'll get lucky nonsense. Nevermind well known rock message boards from hard radio to metal hammer to metal sludge to others, which prove they are so wrong, they have to hide it all by banning the thoughts of Bralalalala on their boards. Nevermind that those same people are and have often been the ones who "once wanted" to support "the great music," before they discovered that this person "male" who wears dresses won't stop wearing dresses in spare time and won't stop complaining about being abused over it when necessary. The great fans of Bralalalala continue to speak their love for the music itself. Here are some more of the many new indie inspired often in depth reviews and interview quotes. There are more in the appropriate sections of the site. The band is 4 members in concert and on record.

www.weepingwounded.co.uk (site in transistion)

"The L.A. music scene is lame." Bralalalala



********* LA - Well Come to the Galaxy · (CD)
I wonder if the lead vocalist and lyricist are big
WARRIOR SOUL fans? This "Punk-Metal" style is very
similar to W.S. This guy even sounds like a slightly
more pissed off Kory Clark. I’m impressed. The music
is pretty basic, although a former HEATHEN guitarist
plays on here, but the vocals make this disc. And the
lyrics. - 9 - <ANG> **MC11**



"nu metallers couldn't play this extremely uniques
stuff if they tried."

"unusualy good"



Yes you read it right - I’m reviewing a Bralalalala CD! Members of our Metal Rules forum know who Mr. Bralalalala is thanks to his unusual “advertising” on the forum. Most of you have no idea about the music he plays though. I’ve read one comment saying it’s “second rate Pantera.” Nothing could be further from the truth. This has nothing in common with Pantera musically or vocally at all. The reason why some people haven’t bothered to check out what Bralalalala is about musically is because of his image and attitude. If you’ve ever seen pics of this guy, you’ll know what I’m talking about because in some photos he looks like a cross dresser! I am not going to pretend I understand why he bothers with that when he already has obvious musical talent; maybe it’s for shock value or something? I don’t know, and I don’t really care.

I promised to review this album based on one thing only, and that is the music. So let’s dive in…. After putting aside the image and before I popped on this CD I didn’t know what to expect. I was thinking that the music MIGHT have something in common with Pretty Boy Floyd, Poison, or other 80’s glam metal bands. I was 100% wrong. Musically, Bralalala has more in common with Anthrax than any glam metal band!!! The music is not however a mere replication of Anthrax at all. I only use that as a point of reference to one of the only metal bands I can compare this too because Bralalalala’s music is very unique, technical and involved.

On my first listen I was bombarded with complex riffing, time changes and a mixture of thrash and just plain weirdness!! It took me several listens to begin to get an idea of what Bralalalala is going for here. I think the two main standout tracks are the opener “The Primal Bend” (very cool intro with the lead guitar) and “Black Hole State” (containing perhaps the best chorus on the CD). The riffing on here is very much “start-stop” and choppy. “They Can’t Own This World!” begins with a big Celtic Frost (perhaps VANITY NEMESIS era) feel. This is dropped though after the intro. Thrash metal has clearly been an influence, but I wouldn’t call this thrash metal. There is some cool riffing on here and sections of songs almost sound “normal” then the weirdness cuts in.

If you think insane attention deficit disorder metal sounds cool then you might dig this. I would of preferred if the riffs were spaced out in a few more places so we can grasp on to something rather than be thrown off as soon as we start to get into a section of music. My other complaint is that there is not much in the way of lead guitar. The riffing is complex and I’m sure soloing over such insane stuff would be a challenge, but still, why not? I wish there would have been more in the way of shredding on here; it would of made for even more madness. The vocals are also not “normal.”

They are clear but they are more percussive than melodic. Some decent melody lines creep in, but it’s hardly what I’d call melodic vocals. I thought while listening to the music that the vocals were there too much. What I mean is, there seems to be singing over almost everything!! More breathing room for the music and riffs would have been nice. Somewhere in Bralalalala lurks a great band. Perhaps the strange style of metal here is what they were aiming for. However, if I were the director of this band I’d rework things into something more coherent.

For those of you who hoped I was going to trash this and make fun of Bralalalala, I’m sorry, but I judge music by the music, not by the image. There is some interesting stuff happening on here and the more I listened to this, the more I liked it. This is not entirely my forte when it comes to metal, as I prefer something with more melody and hooks. Despite that, I still enjoyed much of this album. Give it a chance, you might find yourself surprised.

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High Speed Recommended - File is 15mb.

Although BRALALALALA is most recognizable as a speed-heavy metal band, it is unclear who, if anyone, will really recognize what is going on with BRALALALALA. Therein lies the fun of BRALALALALA music. For those of you who find the sound of BRALALALALA evasive, so be it. There is no BRALALALALA at all.

There is however a very scathing record with lyrics dumping on this low-life society which is just so fucking disturbed it even creates wars. So find out why BRALALALALA evades the issues. Then, if you're still not satisfied, ride with the bumps and howls musically provided.

Finally, its time for sometreats. You can check out "Bralalalala Songs" and sample the worlds best band according to itself, at:

Music for open-minded untrendy, uncompromising, unpredictables.

"Welcome to The Galaxy."

Band Art -
Expect to see more Bralalalala band art in the future, depicting images of the various pitfalls of the age of reason and various concoctions of social solutions, relating to song content.

Remember, BRALALALALA is no joke. BRALALALALA intends on invading every deranged town in the non-existing world insisting that it improve. So send your club and tour offers if you are involved in that sort of dilly dally. Also, and if you like to order the record, concern yourself with all this silly sally below

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Bralalalala GuestBook
"Holy shit!"
Metalvault, USA
"This band kicks!A four piece with female vocals.."
"I can almost guarantee you'll find yourself humming 'Black Hole State', 'The Present Is The Mean' or 'Abandon The Ego'. "
"Bralalalala, an extremely original thrash blend with jazz elements...an extraordinary artist.."
Whiplash, Brazil
"Bizzare metal. Metal with an attitude."
Metal Invader, Greece

"Nothing trendy..pure metal enjoyment for all..."
Audio Aggression, New York, USA
"The most creative band on our Planet"
Mindview - Belgium
"A most striking new CD out of the periphery of the metal underground. A CD that grows on me for many months" (non-endorsement)
AArdschok - Holland
"Very strange...sounds nice"
OOR- Holland
"Music that speaks clearly. A very special CD."
Heavy Oder Was - Germany
"BRALALALALA has it on the ball." (non-endorsement)
Ballbuster USA
"A CD that keeps growing on us, after the fifth listen sounds a little like old ANTHRAX but more complex."
The Rock and Metal Hammer - Germany
"A nice punchy rhythmic metal record with staccaco vocals. The bands leader is a very feminine looking guy but for the record we don't care."
The Music Report - USA
"For some serious ear bleeding guitar-nerd metal, one should peep into Bralalalala, a spandex wearing cross-dresser who promised the hardest metal album out there- and she/he delivers! Every song on Well Come to the Galaxy has a ripping solo and that GOOD heavy-metal guitar tone. He's looking for band members, too."
"You have to be sober to manage to pronounce the name correct! The music is not easy either. It's heavy all the way, but the vocals are a bit far out. It seems the music is far too heavy for the vocalist to handle. But in all, there is good stuff on this album."

Bralalalala GuestBook

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