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Rik Blacow :

uite an odd one this - from the look of the cover, you'd guess you were in for a CD of eighties sounding power pop, along the lines of Poison, Jetboy, or any of a thousand others. Instead, this album consists of eight fairly long thrashers, drawing heavily on the sounds of archetypal eighties thrash giants, particularly the likes of early Anthrax and fusing this with more complicated time and key changes for a more demanding listening experience. That's not too say the songs aren't catchy or listenable - a couple of listens to this CD, and I can almost guarantee you'll find yourself humming'Black Hole State', 'The Present Is The Mean' or 'Abandon The Ego'. If there is a major criticism, it's that the vocals seem to have been added as an afterthought to the music - I think there's an instrumental CD trying to get out of here somewhere. If it finds it's way out, fine, but if not, then the whole album remains far more accesible in it's current form....
Bralalalala-Well Come to the Galaxy
Lurking within much of today's heavy music scene are some very expressive musicians. Take, for example, a composer/guitarist with boundless energy and an assualtive guitar style that virtually redefines "over the top." Yet there is marvelous method to his musical madness. If you're into wall-of-crunch sounds and a musical approach that starts at manic and goes up from there, Bralalalala's "Well Come" will make you feel welcome.
BRALALALALA- One of the most amazing cd's we have received comes to us from Bralalalala! This is one extremely talented artist and the cd "Well Come to the Galaxy" is an absolute MUST HEAR!.. Take a trip to the links page and order this truly original cd. An easy contender for ROAAR Independent CD of the year. We will be arranging an interview soon!
Melodic Medal,
April 2000
Bralalalala, reviewed by Michael Lu

"Well Come To The Galaxy"

Bralalalala is an extremely unique band hailing from the former thrash capitol of the west, San Francisco, California. Their style of technical thrash is very refreshing and leaves the listener in awe of their technical prowess. Unique doesn?t begin to describe this band, as their release ?Well Come To The Galaxy? is not only a music album, but is an attitude and form of artistic expression. Instrumentally, all you technical metal lovers should have a field day. The music never stands still and is always constantly changing. You will not find any cheesy ballads on this album, which is an all out assault on the listening palette. Bralalalala is a band that expresses their ideologies through their music and lyrics and stray as far from conformity as possible. No you will not swoon from the beauty of the melodies, nor will you shed a tear because of a touching love song, however, you will acknowledge the bands efforts.

An appreciation of the music comes with an understanding of what Bralalalala is all about. Although this won?t come upon first listen of the album, or for some will never come, there is a depth to this seemingly joking nature of the band. The vocals are the weakest element of the band, but somehow the phrasing and mixture with the technical music brings together some sense of order and sensibility. Take what you will from this band because they offer their truth in ways most of us could never understand. You have been warned!!!!!

For more information visit: www.bralalalala.com

Electric Basement, USA
Electric basement
Rock Devil's Indie Report for March

This month has presented me with quite a diverse set of independent material, all of which combines tradional metal with a modern twist. First up, San Francisco based BRALALALALA takes the metal plunge with a unique expressive delivery on Welcome to the Galaxy. Part Pantera, part speed metal and all obnoxious, the band pummels the listener with intense riffing and massive flourishes. The vocals, similar to a high pitched Mike Muir, facilitate a bratty, fierce cry for individuality, as does the band's philosophy. To look at them, they could be any one of many Bay area thrashers from 1984. But there is a difference. Where Exodus and Metallica kicked ass with sheer power, this band thrives on flamboyance and a bent take on the usual sonic barrage. They live for today and believe in themselves and demand you do too. "They Cannot Own this World" is but a sample of the band's distaste for superficiality. The band also gets credit for rejecting the status quo with a positive angle. Instead of telling the world to go to hell, they ask us all to "enjoy the ride, so we can enjoy it all together."

Visit http://www.bralalalala.biz for more info.- Rock Devil 3/24/00 3/5

Cream of Anarchy, Canada
Independent. (Well, who else would release it?), 330
Clementina, #303, Santa Monica, California 90406-0455,

Let's get to the obvious first: that is the worst name for a band I have ever heard. Honestly, if you'd have come up to me and said, "Hey, we're Bralalalala," I would have said, "Huh?" Also, we have our hero Mr. Bralalalala dressed up in drag. Wow. I said to myself, "Oh, these guys will get a zero easily."

Guess what? The music is actually good on this album! I was shocked! Honestly, these guys can play their chords correctly, have something in the way of professional thrash going on here, and musically, Bralalalala can stand up on their own merit. Something's off, though. It's obviously the deliberately off-key vocals of Mr. Bralalalala and company. Oh, come on, they're not even trying to sing on-key. I damn well know the difference between amateurish singing and deliberately off-key singing.

Maybe it's the frequent changes of tempo and style of music. Maybe it's the somewhat-punkish-but-not-all-there lyrics. I don't know. These guys are competent, but you can damn well tell they're going out of their way to try to sound like shit. It's an odd album, and the band's demeanor is odd, but at least I could find some musicianship in it. After a year waiting, just waiting, to pounce on these guys and string them up, I have to say...Bralalalala ain't bad. Sorry, kids. Ah, well, we'll always have Danish to dis...

(I'm sorry for the short review, but for the love of God, I cannot tell what's going on here. This is a seriously strange record. If I could find anything else to say about this band, I would. Seriously, a rather fucked-up record, and that's about...well, that's about all I can say. I'm Cameron Archer, wishing you a good night...of happy masturbating! Good night!)

Krepsulum, Brazil
Well come to the Galaxy (Independent) The visual is half a mixture of Glam rock Cinderella, with Marylin Manson, what results in a true crossdresser. The leader vocalist guitarist of that band Mr.Bralalalala, has girl's face and he is all e effeminate in the photos, when we see the cover of CD we think: It is a joke, but when we hear the sound, we were frightened, BRALALALALA is a hallucinated thrash and with good technique, besides a lot of personality. The band promises and in spite of Mr. Bralalalala to say the opposite, everything indicates that your visual one doesn't pass in a cheap way of to create polemic and to get free marketing. Forget the visual and concentrate on the sound, a good thrash-core-hard metal! Contacts: bralalalala@yahoo.com (OE)
Dark Wave Radio France
Well Come To The Galaxy (Autoproduction, 48'33', 8 tracks, metal)

Contact :
Bralalalala C/O Hendrix, 330 Clementina
#303, San Francisco, California 94103, USA

What original band ! When we see the name, we can all about this release, yes, we have all with it... Bralalalala evolves in a metal music very difficult to identify with an other band, maybe all in the vein of L7 and bands such that. Yes, they are very original, we like or we dislike, for me, I like this music...

Neckbreaker online
3 weeks straight- New York radio!
Neckbreaker online
BRALALALALA-WELL COME TO THE GALAXY-(ind. release)-A musically challenging metalheads' album! This band featuring lead vocalist/guitarist Erala Jorgensen pumps out what may seem to be musically confusing to some people but fret not, this band pumps up the volume containing a hybrid mix of power/speed/thrash metal with many time dizzying rhythm changes that keeps the listener interested. You will dig this and no trendy stuff here at all. Pure metal enjoyment from start to finish!!
Undermetal, web page from Brazil
Strange name, isn't it? Well... It's not just the name. This must be one of the most insane bands i've heard in my life. There's nothing like it. I can't even say if I like it or not, because I think I did not fully understood it yet. Some german magazines called it "Mysterious Metal". Well, I'll try to describe it anyway... They have great metal riffs. Heavy and fast. Looks a bit like Megadeth's in the beginning. The vocals are more like a "speech". Not melodic like Classic Metal and doesn't look like "screamish" Death Metal style. The druming is fantastic, very accurate and fast. Double bass in some parts is incredible. The band is: Mr. Brala (guitar and vocals) and a drummer called Peter French.
Renegade web page, Brazil,
"Well Come To The Galaxy" - Brennus Records You haven't read it wrong. It may sound unbelievable, but the name is right: Bralalalala. Different, isn't it? That's it. And the band name is just an introduction to band, highly influenced by the 80's thrash metal, but very original and creative. If I found out this album in a store, I'd not buy it for sure. The cover, the name, the way they dress, among others, took me to think that "Well Come To The Galaxy" was nothing besides a practical joke. But I was wrong. Their music is serious and well done. The thrash/speed metal presented here has qualities that deserve to be highlighted. Songs follow a very heavy line, riffs changing all the time, having their drummer Peter French being a show by himself. There are a few defects, some holes that might be filled to make the music completely full. Guitar solos can't be heard well, in a few songs they just do not exist, they remain hidden, practically unheard. Studio
production could be better. Although the "holes" and defects this CD is good for sure and brings
innovations to those who heard it. Fast, heavy, direct and creative. That's Bralalalala.
URL: http://www.bralalalala.biz. (T.C.)
BRALALALALA (U.S.) -"Well Come To The Galaxy" (2000 self)

Yeah...I thought the same! Weird name! But, you know what? This band kicks! A 4-piece with female vocals and I believe one of the members is from the days of Heathen..hope I'm right on that!! This band reminds me of the days of Detente,Zno White with the Crisis sound but staying modern. So, yeah, there's a crossover thing going on and absolutely catchy..we need more bands like these like before when trends were fewer and very far between. You will be humming "bralalalalala" all the way to the store for this one or your friends when they get a dose of this CD!

Well Come To The Galaxy (Bralalalala)

Por Haggen Kennedy
Whiplash-Brazil, www.Whiplash.net

Minha nossa senhora!! N?o sei nem o que dizer desse CD. Realmente ? algo muito complicado falar dessa banda. Muito provavelmente, Mr. Bralalalala (?, esse ? o nome art?stico do sujeito) resolveu fazer um disco com o prop?sito de confundir qualquer jornalista que se aventurasse a fazer um review do mesmo. O pior ? que conseguiu.

Bem, em primeiro lugar: o que se pensa quando se olha o CD e v?-se que o nome da banda ? Bralalalala? Pois?, a confus?o come?a da?. Primeiramente n?o se sabe o que esperar e, depois de pensar sobre o assunto, dificilmente se pensar? em outra coisa a n?o ser que o grupo ? apenas mais um daqueles que tentam parecer 'engra?adinhos' mas que n?o descem pela garganta de jeito nenhum. Quando se olham as fotos, ent?o, ? tiro e queda. Voc? pensa: "o glam est? de volta!!". ?, o tal do Bralalalala ? bem afeminado e usa aquelas brilhantinas e meia-cal?a com sapato de mulher e etc.

? claro que, a n?o ser que seja um amante do bom e velho hard farofa, voc? v? odiar o disco s? pela capa. Mas calma l?. O que tem de 'hard', 'farofa' e 'glam' ? s? na capa, mesmo. Ao colocar o debute desse conjunto no som, a impress?o ? completamente diferente e voc? chega a se perguntar se o que est? ouvindo e realmente a tal da banda Bralalalala ou se colocaram outro ?lbum na caixinha do CD.

Que o tal do Bralalalala ? afeminado, isso ? mesmo. Ningu?m pode negar. Mas que o som da banda ? pesado, isso ?, e tamb?m n?o d? pra negar. E que baterista do cacete, v? ser bom assim no inferno. O cara deixa o som da banda realmente com muito mais peso e agressividade. O cara d? at? aquelas viradinhas nos pratinhos da bateria e d? pra notar at? algumas coisinhas de jazz. E, quem diria, isso d? peso mesmo!

O Mr. Bralalalala (que ? quem est? na capa do CD - e, a prop?sito, em todas as outras fotos do disco) ? quem cuida dos vocais e da guitarra. Na verdade, ele e o baterista (Mr. Peter Ferench) ? quem s?o a banda. Para turn?s, os caras arranjam m?sicos contratados pra segurar as pontas. E os tais, apesar de morarem nos Estados Unidos - que, como todo mundo sabe, n?o anda nada bem com o heavy metal hoje em dia -, j? excursionaram por v?rios pa?ses da Europa juntamente com o Hammerfall - e isso ? pra mostar que, apesar de tudo, a banda realmente faz um trabalho s?rio e quer seguir carreira.

Voltando ao disco, entretanto, n?o podemos dizer que se trata de um aut?ntico ?lbum heavy metal ? l? Iron Maiden/Judas Priest. Nem pode-se dizer que ? mais mel?dico ? l? Helloween, e tbm n?o d? pra se dizer que ? um heavy mais t?cnico ? l? Angra. Fica dif?cil. Na verdade, esse lan?amento tem muito toque industrial e uns vocais bem ? l? Biohazard em v?rias partes. Mesmo
assim, ? 'speed', como se auto-rotula a banda.

A bem da verdade, esse CD ? mais voltado ?s composi??es ditas 'de palco'. Ou seja, as m?sicas s?o feitas, mesmo, pra voc? se acabar de agitar em uma apresenta??o ao vivo. Em casa, sentado no seu sof? pra ouvir o disco, n?o vai surtir muito efeito. Mas, mesmo assim, o disco ? bom. quem for mente aberta e gostar de umas misturas bem interessantes vai se amarrar nesse disco.

Mais informa??es podem ser encontradas no site oficial
da banda em http://www.bralalalala.biz

What's Metal, Germany
Well come to the galaxy
Laufzeit: 48:15 min
Y.M.C.A.! Crazy stuff pumpen Bralalalala aus den Boxen. Eine psychedelische Mischung aus Rhythmik und gnadenlosem Groove. Gesanglich schr?g hoch bis rockig
schreiend treibt S?nger(in), Gitarrist(in) und Songwriter(in) Bralala st?ckelgeschuht und lippenbestiftet durch acht Episoden des durchgeknalltesten Metal, den man sich vorstellen
kann. Doch was beim ersten Hinsehen wie ein Witz aussieht, entpuppt sich als kompromi?loses Statement gegen jedwede Engstirnigkeit. Nat?rlich scheiden sich
da die Geister. Mit dieser CD holt mich eine damals auf ?berm??igen Alkoholkonsum geschobene Vision wieder heim, sah ich Bralalalala doch schon einmal live im Hengeloer Metropool im Vorprogramm von Vader (!!!!). Das Die Hard Death Metal Publikum br?llte die tuntelnden vier
jedoch nicht wie bef?rchtet von der B?hne, sondern klatschte Applaus! Vom Opener "The primal bend" bis zum abschlie?enden "Abandon the ego" bietet diese CD das ideale Futter f?r alle, die abgedrehte Bands mit hohem Qualit?tslevel suchen. Aufmachung mit 16 Seiten Booklet und Produktion sind sowieso voll ok. Mit US$ 14 (CD) oder US$ 12 (Tape) wende man sich an:
Violent Solutions, France
BRALALALALA - Wellcome to the galaxy (Indépendant)

Bralalalala ??? Vous vous demandez surement ce qu'est un Bralalalala...ben moi je l'ai découvert !! Le bralalalala est tout simplement le cri de la femme au foyer. Exemples (à lire àhaute voix avec un ton dépité): "bralalalala...tu vas encore au bistrot ?", "bralalalala...c'est à cette heure que tu rentres ?", "bralalalala....pourquoi ça te dérange que ma mère
vienne habiter quelques temps chez nous ?" "bralalalala...t'es encore plein comme une outre !!", etc....Trèves de plaisanteries, cet album, arrivé de nulle part, était en tout cas bien mal parti : photos débiles d'un semi-travelo habillé en cuir (avec les yeux rouges en plus), paroles illisibles car écrites à la main, nom du groupe débile, et j'en passe et de
meilleures. Je n'avais absolument aucune envie de chroniquer ce truc mais comme je suis obéissant et pour éviter de me faire harceler par notre bon webmaster, j'ai quand même décidé d'insérer la chose dans la platine. Après une écoute semi-attentive, je dois quand même avouer que ce machin n'est pas si immonde que ça. A mi-chemin entre le thrash old-school, la fusion à la Dog Eat Dog et le crossover à la D.R.I., certains morceaux de "wellcome to the galaxy" sont franchement agréables et rafraichissants même s'ils ont tous tendance à se ressembler. Ils sont en tout cas tous très groovy et franchement pas prise de tête. Je n'ai aucune indication sur le concept, sur les musiciens (ou LE musicien plutôt) ou l'origine de ce truc donc difficile de savoir s'il s'agit d'une plaisanterie ou d'un projet à long terme. Je mettrais toutefois une note honnête à titre d'encouragements. C'est pas avec un nom comme ça qu'il va faire fortune avec le merchandising!! 7/10
Decibels, France
- Fusion -
Dr?le de nom pour une dr?le de musique, m?lange de SUICIDAL TENDENCIES et de heavy d?jant?, tr?s groovy. Le son est clair, le chant bien pr?sent, et le tout donne un CD qui a la p?che et qui donne envie de bouger. Si "Well Come To The Galaxy" est son premier CD, le groupe, originaire de San Francisco, a d?j? une reconnaissance des m?dias et du public, avec de nombreux articles ? la cl?. Une fois de plus, le son est si pro que cet album n'a presque pas sa place dans cette rubrique !

"Well Come to the Galaxy" è il titolo del cd realizzato dal musicista californiano che entra a far parte di SLAM! più per il look e l'attitudine che per la musica, perché il rock proposto dall'ambiguo artista americano non è altro che classico metal/thrash (con l'H in mezzo... PURTROPPO!!!!). Il mio background musicale non mi permette di dare paragoni attendibili a questo curioso chitarrista, ma se vi può essere d'aiuto i magazine statunitensi hanno scomodato i vari PANTERA, JUDAS PRIEST , HAMMERFAL e EXODUS, percuì se amavate la scena più heavy della Los Angeles di fine anni ottanta, allora Bralalalalla sarà una piacevole sorpresa.


Contact BRALALALALA bralalalala@yahoo.com if you have further questions.

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